Within the FAQs below, the word ‘software’ is used to refer to the ActiVise Q&A Software, ActiVise Sequencing Software and AVP Q&A Training Software.  The term ‘Creator Standard Software’ is used to refer to the ActiVise Q&A Creator Standard Software, ActiVise Sequencing Creator Standard Software and AVP Q&A Training Creator Standard Software.

Operating Systems

Q: Which operating systems will run ActiVise and AVP Software?

A:  ActiVise and AVP are both Windows applications that will run on Windows operating systems.  



Q: What method of licensing is used for ActiVise and AVP Software?

A: Our software licensing is issued per computer and is perpetual.  Licensing per computer means licenses must be purchased for each computer upon which you wish to install the software but then many users can use the software on a single computer.  The term ‘perpetual’ means that there is only a one off payment to purchase the software and that no annual fee is required.


Q: What is meant by the term ‘multiple licence’?

A: A multiple licence can be purchased for any number of computers that are on the same site.  Multiple licences cannot be purchased and installed on computers across different sites e.g. more than one house or by different instituations.


Serial Numbers

Q: Does the serial number have to be entered in the upper and lowercase?

A: Yes, the serial number is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown on the product box or within our email.


Q: Why does the software have a serial number?

A: The serial number is the customer’s assurance that they have purchased a genuine product.  The use of the serial numbers prevents illegal copying of the software.


Q: Why have I only been given one serial number if I have purchased multiple licences?

A: One serial number is issued with the purchase of each product.  If the customer has purchased multiple licenses then their serial number will enable the activation of the number of licences purchased.  This will save the customer needing to use multiple licences.



Q: Why is the message on my computer stating that the software has already been installed on another machine?

A: There are a number of reasons that this message may appear:


Q: How long will the software take to install?

A: The length of time that the software will take to install is dependent on the speed of your internet access.  The software takes an average of 20 minutes to install with a good internet connection.


Q: How long do I need to keep my computer connected to the internet?

A: The ActiVise and AVP Software are offline applications but require internet connection for the installation process only.  Once the software has installed correctly and the desktop icon appears, you will need to double click the desktop icon to complete the final state of the activation.  After this final stage of activation the software will not require the computer to be connected to the internet again.


Q: Why can’t the software be online?

A: The software uses a complex database, which needs to respond to the games very quickly – also, we have found that as a device based package, in its current form, it has excellent stability without the need for a high speed internet connection, enabling immediate tracking, easy secure data entry and the ability to enter pictures from your own camera or those sourced on the internet.

However, we are working on putting a selection of games online as an adjunct to our current ‘App’ available through the itunes store.


Q: Can this software be used on a networked machine?

A: The software is most successfully used on 'standalone' computers that are not attached to a network.


The USB Stick

Q: Can I copy to or run the software from the USB stick, which was purchased with the software?

A:  You can use the space on the USB stick for general file storage but the software does not run from the USB stick. The software when installed, locates its files and required definitions on the computer hard drive. The USB stick is merely a way to deliver the software.


Q: What is the difference between purchasing a USB stick or a download?

A: All of our software can be purchased either on a USB stick on as a download.  We are aware that some customers prefer or need to receive a tangible object when placing an order whilst other customers are happy to opt for the download.  The software is exactly same when purchased either as a download or on a USB stick.


The Software and the Creator Standard Software

Q: What is the difference between the Software and the Creator Standard Software?

A: Each of our products has a Software version and a Creator Standard Version.  The software can be installed onto a computer and content, either questions and answers or sequences, can be created on and used on that machine only.  The software also has the ability to track learners’ progress.  The Creator Standard Software versions has no tracking facility and will not upload questions but can create questions and answers or sequences that can be shared with other users.


Teachers, Tutors, Trainers and Employers – Creator Standard Software

Q:  How do I create questions and answers or sequences to share with my pupils, students, trainees or employees?

A: You will need to purchase a copy of the Creator Standard Software for the product that your learners, trainees or employees are using.  You can then develop content, test it and then copy it to other users (who have the software installed).  The Creator Standard Software enables content to be exported into files that can be managed like any computer files.  They can be copied to storage devices, USB sticks, CDs or emailed as a file.


Q: I have created topic files, can I sell them?

A: No, topic files created on any of the Creator Standard Software can be given free of charge to your students, trainees or employees in your organisation.  They cannot be sold.


Q: How many topic files can I create?

A: The Creator Standard Software will allow you to create 20 topic files.  Once the files have been exported you can delete the topic files and continue to create as many topic files as is necessary.


Q: Why am I not able to create as many questions and answers or steps as a user of the main software?

A: The Creator Standard user is able to create slightly fewer questions and answers or steps in the sequence as the software user.  This is to, firstly, ensure that the files are not too big to export or email, and, secondly, to enable the software user to add additional questions and answers or steps to the topic once they have uploaded it into their software.


Q: Is the Creator Standard Software user able to change the font and colour preferences?

A: Yes, the Creator Standard user can set the font and colour preferences that they believe best suit their topic.  These settings will be exported with the topic but can be changed by the software user once uploaded into the software.


The Software

Q: Why is the software useful for learners with SEN?

A: The software is flexible and can enable a learner to focus on a very specific area of study.  All of our products work on the principle of learning through an interactive, repetitive and over-learning approach that is primarily visual.  This approach suits the needs of many learners with SEN.


Q: How many topics can I create?

A: The software will allow users to create upto 30 topics.  Each topic in a Question and Answer product will hold a maximum of 20 picture to picture questions and answers, 30 text to picture or picture to text questions and answers and 35 text to text questions and answers.  The Sequencing software will allow users to create sequences with a maximum of 20 steps either as text or pictures.


Colour and font preferences

Q: Am I able to change the background colour, font colour, font and font size?

A: Yes, all of these preferences can be changed by the individual user.  A user would have to create a profile and then they can set their own preferences for each topic.


Tracking Progress

Q: How many learners can I track with each licence?

A: Each software licence will allow you to create profiles for and track the progress of 30 learners.  The software will store the records of learners’ performances in the One Player or Independent Training Activities.  These results will include the date, time and score as well as the individuals response to each question or answer within the topic or step within the sequence.  These records can be printed as well as the results of one of the Teach a Friend or Training Through Articulation Activities.



Q: Does the software come with content?

A: Each of our software applications are frameworks that enable the user to populate them with whatever content is appropriate for the user.  It is the entering of the content by the user that determines the age, ability and subject appropriateness of the software.


Q: Which areas of the curriculum are covered?

A: The software will cover any area of the curriculum and to any degree of difficulty or depth depending on the information entered by the user.



Q: Is there a library of pictures in the software?

A: There is no library of pictures in the software.  This is a deliberate move to leave the framework completely open for the user to select the images that are most appropriate for them and for the subject or ability for which they want to create the question and answers or sequences.  The software will upload a picture that has been saved in the user’s documents.


Q: Can I upload pictures I have taken on a camera?

A: Yes, the software will accept pictures taken on a camera.


Q: What type of picture files can be uploaded?

A: The software will accept most picture file types.


Q: Do I need to size and scale my pictures?

A: No, the software will do all the sizing and scaling for you.