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ActiVise Sequencing MyMods

Download MyMods to add more ‘create your own’ topic space

For foundation, primary and secondary learners...


It works like this...

ActiVise Sequencing MyMods allow the user to add more topic space.  Each topic space is one sequence of up to 20 steps.  A MyMod contains 10 topic spaces.  ActiVise Sequencing MyMods are purchased from the Acognia website and added to the ActiVise Sequencing Software.

The ActiVise Sequencing Software contains 30 topic spaces for the user to create their own sequences that include upto 20 steps each. However, there are times when the user requires more topic space.  For example, a pupil revising for GCSEs, A Level or other exams,. may need more topic space for the different subjects or modules for which they are revising. Equally, a tutor who works with different pupils and students might  require more topic space for different learners.

Each ActiVise Sequencing MyMod allows the user to add 10 more topics containing one sequence per topic of up to 20 steps.  The MyMods are purchased from this page of the Acognia website and then downloaded within Add-ins Manager in the Admin areas of the ActiVise Sequencing Software.

Click on the green Learn More button below to find out more about purchasing, downloading and using MyMods by either the step by step guide or watching the videos. 


Modules Information

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