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ActiVise Sequencing Software ActiVise Sequencing Software

For foundation, primary and secondary learners...

ActiVise Sequencing Software is a framework of 6 sequencing games or quizzes.  Users can either create their own sequences or can download pre-written sequences that will appear in the 6 games and quizzes to allow users to learn, revise and remember the sequences. Steps can be created as text or pictures. Pictures can be downloaded from the internet or taken on the user's own camera. Users learn and revise the steps within the sequence by repetitively engaging in any of the 6 games and track their progress.  A range of pre-written sequences in modules are also available for the user to download into the software.

ActiVise Sequencing Software is appropriate for Foundation, Primary and Secondary learners. The ActiVise Sequencing Software is ideal for SATs, GSCE and A-Level revision, as it allows users to convert their revision notes into interactive games or quizzes.

It works like this...

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Add more space with MyMods

Each MyMod contains 10 additional topic spaces with 20 steps in each topic.   
Purchase ActiVise Sequencing MyMods at from £1.25 per MyMod.


Add prewritten steps in sequences

Each Module can contain up to 10 topics with up to 20 steps in each topic.
Either download for free or purchase ActiVise Sequencing Modules at from £1 per module.


Technical Specifications

ActiVise is compatible with PCs and Windows operating systems.  To operate effectively, the software requires a minimum of 1GB memory and a 14” screen size. 


ActiVise is licensed per computer.  Licences are perpetual, which means that purchase is via a one off payment with no annual fees.  The USB stick is designed for installation only and not portability between computers.

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