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AVP Sequencing Software AVP Sequencing Software

For further education, higher education, business, workplace and adult learning...

AVP Sequencing Software will revolutionise your approach to learning and revision. AVP will enable you to retain information easily through its interactive repetitive approach. AVP will make the learning and revision process practical, visual and tangible, which will aid memory and enhance accurate recall.

Steps to achieving success on your course with AVP Sequencing Software:

As an independent learning and revision tool, AVP Sequencing Software provides students with an essential tool to embed and interact with the material they wish to learn or revise.  This creates a next step for information interaction after using the familiar and successful strategy of mindmapping.  Once students have mindmapped the information that they wish to learn or revise, they can enter this information, as steps in sequences in text or images, into the AVP Sequencing Software to make their lecture notes or material for revision interactive.  The process of creating the sequences from their notes and then the periodical playing of their topics in the 6 activities within the AVP Sequencing Software will enhance their ability to remember and recall this information. 

AVP personalised and purposeful learning and revision!

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Add more space with MyMods

Each MyMod contains 10 additional topic spaces with 20 steps in each topic.   
Purchase AVP Sequencing MyMods at from £1.25 per MyMod.


Add prewritten steps in sequences

Each Module can contain up to 10 topics with up to 20 steps in each topic.
Either download for free or purchase AVP Sequencing Modules at from £1 per module.


Technical Specifications

AVP is compatible with PCs and Windows operating systems.  To operate effectively, the software requires a minimum of 1GB memory and a 14” screen size. 


AVP is licensed per computer.  Licences are perpetual, which means that purchase is via a one off payment with no annual fees.  The USB stick is designed for installation only and not portability between computers.

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