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AVP Q&A MyMods

Download MyMods to add more ‘create your own’ topic space

For FE, HE, workplace, business and adult learning...


It works like this...

AVP Q&A MyMods will allow the user to add more topic space to their AVP Q&A Software.  

Each MyMod contains 10 additional topics with 25 question and answer spaces in each topic.  MyMods can be purchased singularly or in groups to ensure the user can create sufficent additional space for their academic study or exam revision.

MyMods are purchased from the Acognia website and downloaded into the AVP Q&A Software within the Add-ins Manager in the Admin area of the software.  

The AVP Q&A Software contains 30 topic spaces for the user to create their own topics of questions and answers. However, there are times when the user requires more topic space.  For example, a student revising for exams may need more topic space for the different subjects or modules for which they are revising. Equally, users sharing the same computer may wish to have their topics within their own set of MyMods, as they may be studying different subjects to the other users.

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