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AVP Q&A Creator AVP Q&A Creator

For tutors, lecturers and trainers...

create and share

The AVP Q&A Creator is available for tutors, lecturers and trainers. It can be used to create individual topic files that can be exported. Topic files can be held on a VLE, USB or emailed as an attachment.  The exported topic files can be uploaded into the AVP Software.

Each topic file can contain up to 20 Q&As in text or pictures.  There is no limit to the number of topic files that can be created.  Topic files are shared with the students of the tutor, lecturer or trainer for free and can then be uploaded into the students' AVP Q&A Software to create interactive revision.

Tutors, lecturers and trainers:

Tutors, lecturers or trainers use the AVP Q&A Creator to create individual topic files containing up to 20 questions & answers in text or pictures.

The tutor, lecturer or trainer exports the topic files from the AVP Q&A Creator to share with their students for free via email or on a USB stick or shared drive.


FE and HE students or business, workplace and adult learners

When the student receives the file, they upload it into their AVP Q&A Software.

The student can then change the background colour and font preferences as well as select the questions & answers from the topic that will appear in the games.

The student repeatedly uses the tutor, lecturer or trainer’s topic in the 6 activities to learn or revise the questions and answers.

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It could be used...

The AVP Q&A Creator is likely to be used by a tutor, lecturer or trainer who wants to create topic files for their students or create topic files as an activity with their students.

Topic files can be saved on a computer's C drive, downloaded onto a USB stick or sent as email attachments.

It might be appropriate to create groups of topic files for specific students.  The benefit of the AVP Q&A Creator topic files is to allow students to continue to learn or revise topics at home, college or university between direct teaching.  It could allow students to keep content fresh for their minds for the next teaching session or help to introduce students new content before a teaching session in order to get the most benefit from the teaching session.

Technical Specifications

AVP is compatible with PCs and Windows operating systems.  To operate effectively, the software requires a minimum of 1GB memory and a 14” screen size.


AVP is licensed per computer. Licences are perpetual, which means that purchase is via a one off payment with no annual fees.  The USB stick is designed for installation only and not portability between computers.

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